Alison & Jose

November 12, 2022
Planet Hollywood
Cancun, Mexico


November 12, 2022
Planet Hollywood
Cancun, Mexico

A Little About Us

Alison and Jose met in a bar in July of 2018 (how romantic, right?). Jose quickly fought his way in to Alison’s heart with his goofy personality, likability, and of course, tacos.  On October 5th of that same year they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend…awwwww. 

Both brought two children in to the relationship and their chemistry and how easily their families blended was undeniable. Their little family became complete with the addition of their  daughter, Luna, in May of 2020. 

Anyone that knows them personally, knows that Alison would constantly give Jose a hard time about not having a ring on her finger. So FINALLY, the weekend of Valentine’s Day in 2021, Jose popped the question in Las Vegas! Of course, Alison said, YES! And now they are moving on to their biggest adventure yet, becoming husband and wife.

We created  a “Honeyfund”  instead of a gift registry. Here’s the link for that :) 

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